About the Artist

Nita GK had always been in love with painting since her very childhood and had practiced it as a hobby. Her hobby became a serious vocation only three years back when she got drawn towards Resin art.

She decided to work with resin and tried to create resin art versions of her previously done oil paintings. The results were impressive. That encouraged her to take up resin art in a professional manner. She is a staunch believer in the law of Karma and Destiny and her artworks show a reflection of her belief. Each piece she creates is a manifestation of the surging energies that lie within her. She is hopeful that her artworks will attract peace & positive vibes into the house of someone who uses her art pieces as décor.

A portion of the profit she makes from the sale of her artworks will go into donation and will be of help to the communities in need. She is thankful to people who invest in her artworks. In order to maintain the beauty of her art pieces she advises each of her buyers to wipe the paintings with a soft, moist cloth from time to time. Her paintings are an excellent example of transcendental contemporary art and are indeed a must-buy!

Green Magic

Stoney Bridge

The Aqua Island

Opel Bridge


This beautiful abstract artwork is based on the concept of ‘sparks’.

Sparks symbolize glimpses of something that’s yet to be…’sparks’ symbolize hope & promise. The artist enlivens silver framed, round canvas board with a rare combination of colors. She, furthermore, adorns the artwork with lots of Rhinestones. The use of Rhinestones in this artwork gives the impression of lots of sparks shooting out of a pool of colors.

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